Everything You Need To Know About Charizard Coin Crypto

Everything You Need To Know About Charizard Coin Crypto

The world is going crazy about cryptos and NFTs. Since the development of Blockchain, these brand-new technologies have arrived and shook the market. Almost daily, many new crypto coins are arriving in the crypto market, trying to find some relevance in the hard competition of cryptocurrencies.

One of those coins is the Charizard crypto coin. Are you considering investing in it but can’t decide whether it’s for you or not? No worries, as we are here to make life easier for you.

Here, we will tell you what is Charizard token, the Charizard coin crypto price, and the simple procedure to buy this coin. Sounds great? Right! So, let’s get started then.

What Is the Charizard Crypto?

Everything You Need To Know About Charizard Coin Crypto

Charizard crypto is a deflationary crypto token launched back in 2021. It is identified by the symbol CHZ006. There’s something interesting to know about this coin’s demand and supply methodology. Let’s see what it is.

Every time a transaction of Chizard token takes place, 2% of that transaction is burned. This step is taken to decrease the supply of the token with every transaction and hence increasing its value. So, the demand for the coin is expected to rise continuously with every transaction, which will also help the price go north.

Moving on, I am sure that you have never heard of what I will tell you now. Charizard token also offers “instant staking” luxury. Instant staking is truly the 3% reward distribution of the transaction to all the stakeholders. So, the CHZ006 holders can benefit from each of the transactions that take place.

Sounds amazing, right? There’s more to discover, though. The creation of Pokemon NFTs is in progress. Once that hustle is complete, people will be able to buy them using CHZ006 crypto. So, with each transaction to buy a Pokemon NFT, a portion of the Charizard token will burn. Hence, the supply will be reduced. Anyhow, keep in mind that for each CHZ006 transaction, a 5% tax deduction takes place.

Well, now that you have got the basic idea about the currency, let’s see how much worth it possesses.

How Much Is Charizard Crypto Worth?

Being a new token, CHZ006 (also known as Charizard Inu) is still struggling for a substantial price. Right now, it is placed at $0.0009518. However, its price is continuously dipping and rising. The changes are not significant, though.

In the last 24 hours, the price has risen by 0.12%. The maximum value that the coin has attained to date is $0.169.

Launched back in October 2010 at $0.1549, it has suffered many declines with occasional short rises. Well, as they say, “each rise has a fall.” Similarly, each fall must have a rise. At least, we can hope for it.

However, the coin is currently ranked at #9299 in crypto trading, with the current market supply not available.

Charizard Inu Price Prediction

Charizard Inu Price Prediction

In the context of crypto, predictions are never reliable. They just give a rough idea about the trends. So, if you are interested in investing in Charizard coin value crypto, you should follow Charizard Inu news regularly.

Anyhow, if we refer to the predictions, CHZ006 is expected to show some improved performance later this year. With a 5% increase in price from now, it should reach a maximum value of $0.001 this year.

It is expected to grow steadily but quite slowly in the later years. By the end of 2025, CHZ005 can reach a peak value of $0.005. The average value in the same year will stay around $0.004.

Now let’s talk about 2030, like eight years onwards from here. In that year, the token is expected to attain a value as high as $0.033. The average price in 2030 will hover around $0.028. Let’s understand how beneficial this growth can be for CHZ006 investors.

If we compare from now to the next eight years, the rate is expected to reach $0.033 from the current rate of $0.000159. It means that if you invest a $100 in Charizard token today, you will end up with $20,754 after eight years. Wow, that sounds quite spectacular, but that’s how crypto works.

How To Buy Charizard Coin Crypto?

To start the proceedings, you first need to download the coinbase wallet. It can be used as an app or browser extension.


  • You have the luxury of keeping your username private or public. However, the benefit of keeping your username public is that you can connect to other coinbase users with your username and exchange cryptos with them.

  • Moving on, you can set up your fingerprint or create a pin to secure your account. The 6-digit pin will be the key to your wallet. We recommend you to save it in a secure destination and don’t share it with anyone.

  • Next up, you need to buy Ethereum to continue. You can buy them directly from coinbase using your bank account or credit card. Or you can transfer Ethereum cryptocurrency from another account.
  • Once you have purchased ETH in your account, it’s relatively straightforward to buy the Charizard Inu coin. Just click on the Trade tab, and you can now swap ETH for any other crypto coin. Click on select coin and then select Charizard Inu. Enter the amount of Ethereum you want to use to purchase CHZ006. Also, make sure that you have sufficient transaction fees to complete the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Charizard Inu available on Coinbase?

Nope. Sadly coinbase does not support this coin.

  • Can I buy Charizard Inu using cash?

You can’t buy Charizard Inu directly using a physical currency. If you wish to buy this currency, you need to have some amount of Bitcoin or Ethereum in your digital wallet.

  • Where can I buy Charizard Inu coin?

You can buy this coin on multiple platforms, including Binance.

  • Is there an official Charizard token website?

There’s no official site for the Charizard token available on the web. But you can follow their tweeter account for updates.


Summing it up, I hope Everything You Need To Know About Charizard Coin Crypto has been covered in this article. The Charizard token is fairly new in the crypto market and is striving for success. So far, the progress hasn’t been great, but the future predictions are encouraging.

In this article, we have presented before you the key facts and figures about the Charizard token. We have also guided you about the buying procedure for CHZ006 and the future predictions about the coin.

However, like always, we recommend you not to invest in any coin without proper research and staying up to date with the related news.

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