How To Get Touched In VR

How To Get Touched In VR

Are you curious to know how to get touched in VR games? Do you want to find out how realistic is VR? If yes, then you have just arrived at the right place. Here, you will get to know about VR phantom touch and all the details regarding virtual reality touch

The world is going crazy about what wonders VR can do, how it can help with mental health and so much more. And feeling the touch is the most wonderful of all of them. 

But the real question is, what is the reality of sense in virtual reality? Let’s just find out.

Can You Touch Things In Virtual Reality? 

You might find it hard to believe, but the answer to this query is Yes. With highly advanced technology, you can touch, feel, and get pleasure from virtual objects just like real objects. 

But hang on, VR is still in an experimental stage, and although it’s capable of these wonders, only time will tell how effective they actually are.

Moreover, the touch can only be felt using some special equipment. A detailed overview of this mechanism is explained in the later stages of the blog. 

What Is Phantom Touch VR? 

How To Get Touched In VR

If you have heard about Phantom touch before, you may know that it is about the brain, not the hands. Phantom touch is actually a phenomenon that emerged due to immersion in a VR environment. In this process, your brain tricks you into feeling the sensation of touches in the VR world. 

You may be wondering how is it possible, as VR users will always know that they are in the real world, not the virtual one? Let’s understand this concept. There are five basic senses that a human mind can process. Those are sight, hear, touch, smell, and taste. 

It is quite obvious that touch, taste, and smell aren’t actually achievable in the VR process. But the rest of the two are. Using 3D VR glasses and headset, VR targets the two most prominent senses; sight and sound. 

Now, in VR, your brain will try to predict what sort of touch is coming based on what you see and hear. 

For example, suppose you see a sword coming towards your arm and then hear the sword’s voice cutting your flesh. Now, your brain can predict what such a touch will feel, and based on it, your brain makes you feel that touch. That is only made possible by deep immersion of your brain in the virtual world scenario.

How To Get Virtual Reality Touch? 

A lot of research has been going on to make the dream of virtual reality touch a reality. Different teams are coming up with different ideas and devices. As for now, the most feasible way of getting a VR touch is the use of haptic gloves. These are the gloves that use highly sophisticated technology to give the user sensation of real touch. 

Tactile actuators on these gloves replicate the object’s texture in the virtual world. There are different purposes for which they are being used now like, VR orthopedic surgeries for the training of doctors. 

How To Get Touched In VR Sex? 

Well, as we know, sex sells and it sells pretty quickly. So, as the VR started to bloom and researchers identified the opportunity of VR sex, many entrepreneurs chipped in to invest in this idea. The outcome of this hustle is now shaping up in the form of VR sex suits. As they were launched, they just got sold out in hours despite being expensive stuff. 

A Japanese company has created full-body VR sex suits to allow the wearer nearly real pleasure of sex. Wearing this suit is the only way to exactly feel the touch during sexual activity in the virtual world.


  • Can you kiss in virtual reality? 

Different firms have now launched VR setups, including special VR headsets that offer real-time kissing features. So, yes, it’s very possible now.

  • Can you feel a hug in VR? 

Yes, you can do it now. But that is only possible with the bits of help of Haptic VR suits that make you feel the sensation of a virtual hug. 

  • Can you be touched in VR?

No, you can’t physically be touched in VR, but phantom sense VR can make you feel so.


How To Get Touched In VR

VR is quite a stupendous innovation being brought to the real world, and the luxury of feeling the touches is just taking things to another level. VR world is now introducing the feels of touch, kiss, hug, and even sex. 

We have answered your questions like do you feel anything on VR? Can you feel touch in VR? And many more of those. 

We hope this article helps you choose what to go for in the VR world.

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