How To Power GPUs & Risers: Correctly And Safely

How To Power GPUs & Risers: Correctly And Safely

GPU risers allow you to extend the length of your graphics card cables, which can be helpful in cramped cases or when using multiple GPUs. 

However, before using your risers, you need to power them safely. In this article, we’ll show you how to do that with tips for keeping your rig safe and stable.

What You Need to Know Before Powering Your Risers

First, you need to know what type of risers you have.

 There are two types of risers.

  • Powered
  • Unpowered

Powered risers have built-in power cable plugs into your PSU, while unpowered risers do not. If you’re using powered risers, this article will show you how to power them safely and avoid potential damage to your rig.

When it comes to mining, there are only two options for connecting your GPU to the PCI-E slot. Unpowered risers are not suitable for mining, in my own opinion.

The two approaches are using the PCI-E channel on the motherboard and directly plugging your GPU into the motherboard.

The second strategy involves using a motorized riser, which will enable you to generate additional space and improve the ventilation within your setup. 

In addition, risers allow you to position the graphics processing unit (GPU) wherever you want, rather than in the conventional PCI Express slot on the motherboard. Fitting on an open-air frame allows us improved possibilities for cooling the air surrounding the GPU.

How To Safley Power Your Risers

Risers typically come with three forms of power input.

  • SATA
  • Molex
  • PCI-E

The first and most important thing you need to grasp about this situation is that you SHOULD NOT USE SATA spade connectors for powering your risers. The maximum amount of power that a SATA connection may supply is 54 Watts. 

This indicates that if your GPU requires more power than the cable can deliver, you will experience difficulties, as it is a recipe for catastrophe waiting to happen. Because of the excessive amount of energy, the wires will eventually burn out. These SATA connectors were not designed for high workloads.

Molex is the alternative that comes in the second position. Molex connectors can provide up to 132 watts of power risk-free, sufficient to meet the majority of the GPUS’s power requirements. Not to mention the fact that this approach to powering your risers during mining is both safe and secure.

The six or 8-pin PCI-E connector needs to be the ideal choice for everyone who will be using risers and should be recommended to them.

Power can be supplied by a 6-pin connector at up to 75 watts, while an 8-pin connector can deliver up to 150 watts. Providing power to your risers in this manner is both the most secure and effective option.

How to Connect Your Risers to Your PSU

You can only connect your risers to your PSU if you have powered them using a Molex or PCI-E connector, as these have PSU connectors on the opposite side to the Molex or PCI-E.

Simply plug your PCI-E or Molex cable that’s connected to your risers into your peripheral section of your PSU.

How to Power Your GPUs

When it comes to correctly and safely providing electricity to your GPUs, the process is fundamental. Under no circumstances may splitter cables be used to convert a single 6-pin PCI-E into two 8-pin connections. 

This is unsafe in any way and can potentially start fires, cut off power supplies, and melt cables. The amount of electricity drawn can sometimes be too high for the cable, causing it to burn. It is also possible for the split to not be uniformly distributed via the splitter connection, which might result in irreparable damage to your system and hardware.

PSU Capabilities

In order to properly and securely power your graphics processing units (GPUs), one of the most important steps you must take is to check that your computer’s power supply is capable of delivering the required amount of voltage to your setup.


That concludes today’s article on how to power risers correctly and safely always keep these points in mind when powering your GPUs with risers.

  • To power risers, you need to know the type of risers you have (powered or unpowered)
  • For powered risers, you need to know the wattage and what type of connector (Molex, SATA, PCI-E)
  • Don’t use unpowered risers or SATA connectors due to the risks.


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