Super Fun Gym Class VR

Super Fun Gym Class VR

Are you determined to start exercising, or lose those extra pounds? But, not so willing to go to a physical gym due to high charges? No need to worry, as the gym class VR game is here for your rescue. It’s a fascinating VR game that is making highlights due to its top-notch features.

With the evolving technology, many guys are shifting to VR gym classes instead of physical gyms. The reason is apparent, VR gyms are a more convenient medium. But, how to join friends in gym class VR, and can you exercise with a VR headset? We understand that your head is stuffed up with so many questions.

To find the answers to all of these queries, let’s begin.

How To Download Gym Class VR?

Super Fun Gym Class VR

Before getting started with the Gym class VR, you first need to download it. Many VR games in the market can help you in the gym. But, we have chosen the best of the lot for you.

Gym class Basketball by Meta Quest is by far the most impressive VR gaming tool that you can use to burn calories in VR. You can conveniently download this VR gaming app for exercising in VR from the offical site of Meta Quest.

However, you will need to create an account on the site first.

How To Play Gym Class VR With Friends

To start the proceedings, you are asked to mess around by yourself for the warm-up purpose. It is pretty hard to recreate basketball in VR due to the difficulty of simulating the weight of the basketball and making dribbling realistic. However, this game has brought some innovations to make it more real than any other basketball VR game.

You can use only one hand to carry the ball, and then all you need is just to repeat the motion. That will be it for the warm-ups and learning of the game. Now, it’s time to jump into the multiplayer game.

You may be thinking about how to dunk in gym class VR? Well, you can play the game with both friends and strangers, plus block and dunk each other’s shots. Then, you can just enjoy it with your game partner.

Gym Class VR Oculus Quest 2

It is the updated version of the VR basketball game we are talking about. If you play this version, the Oculus system-level fitness tracker will help you track the calories you burn.

Some people ask can you exercise with a VR headset. Yeah, indeed, you can with fun VR exercise games. They allow you to enter the world of Virtual games that gather all your focus using a VR headset.

How To Make Yourself Taller In Gym Class VR

A lot of individuals are complaining about the game that it doesn’t enable them to increase their height in the game. As a result, they are too short to enjoy the game. Hence, they are searching for a solution just like you. Follow these steps to get rid of the problem:

  1. Switch the headset on.
  2. Go to the settings menu.
  3. Click on Developer and turn off Guardian.
  4. Now, go to the device in the setting menu.
  5. Turn off the tracking.
  6. At last, you just need to turn to track back on.

How Much Is Gym Class In VR?

Super Fun Gym Class VR

To attend a gym class in virtual reality, you will first need to buy a VR headset. That is some expensive stuff, of course. You will need to spend around $600 on them.

If you already have them, you don’t need to spend much money. As far as the gym class VR price is concerned, only $29.99 is what it takes to play the game.


  • Is gym class VR multiplayer?

Yes, this fantastic VR game offers the multiplayer feature.

  • Does the Oculus have workouts?

Yeah, Oculus offers different workouts like running, cycling, Basketball, HIIT, and many more. The exercises can be both solos and with friends as they are in the virtual reality world.

  • Are there any sports VR games?

VR is evolving briskly when it comes to games. They already offer many games like golf, UFC, soccer, etc.

  • What is gym class VR discord?

Gym class VR discord allows its users to play basketball in the virtual world. They can play basketball with players from all around the globe.


Fitness is the need of each and every individual, and working out in VR can be your secret to a healthy and charming life. Gym class VR basketball has gained some serious popularity in recent times due to the great benefits and entertainment it offers.

In this blog, we told you how to start gym class VR and what is gym class discord? I wish you all the best with your VR basketball gym workout. Just go to the virtual world and sweat it out!

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